These are the (new) presenters of Five Days Inside These are the (new) presenters of Five Days Inside

These are the (new) presenters of Five Days Inside

Starting Tuesday, August 31, the moving program 'Five Days Inside' can be seen again on RTL5. In this documentary series three presenters go to special places in the Netherlands to 'follow along' for five days. And the presenters for the new season are now also known.

5 July 2021

Rick Brandsteder, Natasja Froger and Geraldine Kemper have the honor of visiting places that are normally closed for the public. Incidentally, just like the previous seasons, the presenters stay overnight at the place they visit. During the day they're being followed by a camera crew and are thrown in at the deep end at the place where they are staying. This often results in gripping scenes. 

In the new season Rick, Natasja or Geraldine will visit a children's hospice, an epilepsy center and an oil rig, among other places. 

Geraldine and Rick are new to the fourth season and take over from Caroline Tensen and Angela Groothuizen. In previous seasons, the presenters visited an addiction clinic, an eating disorder center and a rehabilitation clinic, among other places. The first season, which was presented by Beau van Erven Dorens, was awarded the Golden Televizier Ring. 

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Five Days Inside is produced by Vincent TV Productions. The new season can be seen on RTL 5 as of Tuesday, August 31.