Ferry Doedens explores the world of sexy social media in new PowNed program Ferry Doedens explores the world of sexy social media in new PowNed program

Ferry Doedens explores the world of sexy social media in new PowNed program

Broadcaster PowNed and Ferry Doedens join forces for a new TV program. In 'Socials, Sex & Centen' the brand new OnlyFans-star goes on a personal journey of discovery into the world of sexy social media. Ferry has plunged into an adventure of which he does not yet know the outcome in a world that still holds many secrets for him. For how do these seemingly lucrative and increasingly popular 18 + platforms actually work and what are the risks? Who are the winners and losers in the world of sexy social media? From Monday, April 26 on NPO3.

11 March 2021 

In 'Socials, Sex & Centen', Ferry Doedens takes us exclusively into the world of the latest social media hype: platforms where followers can view explicit content for a fee. It is a world where Ferry himself has only recently entered, but is already modestly successful. His OnlyFans account now has almost 3K paying followers, which earns him a good living every month.  

Yet Ferry still has a lot of questions. Since he has been outed as a content creator on the platform, he has also become vulnerable and at times insecure. What are the consequences of making a lot of money quickly from your fame behind a pay wall? And above all: where's the line, because the temptation to show more and more of yourself to please your fans is great. 

Well-known influencers who - just like him - have chosen to show their most spicy and explicit side behind a pay wall, including Holland's biggest OnlyFans-creator Levy van Wilgen (23), Kiki van Hees (25) and Elise Siswet (25). How far are they willing to go on their platform? And does it not result in permanent image damage as well as income? In short: is there a life after OnlyFans for Ferry?

Ferry also talks to family and friends, what do they think of the path he has taken? All conversations that Ferry has, make him think about his own choices. To finally get an answer to the question: is this a world in which I want to stay?

'Socials, Sex & Centen' is produced by Vincent TV Productions and can be seen on NPO3 from Monday, April 26. The series consists of 3 episodes. 

Read this press release on the website of PowNed.

Image: Martijn van Gelder